Back in October, my recorder in hand, I set off to Edinburgh for Lean Agile Scotland 2016. It was, an attempt to find a topic for the first episode of my new podcast The Agile Path. By the end of the day, I had settled on the simple idea, of “Safety”.

Safety seems to be a topic that in some way, almost every conversation, almost every talk, in some way, touched upon. But, I wasn’t really sure what this safety was.

I knew, innately, what it was to feel safe, I had worked with teams that I had described as unsafe. But, I wasn’t able to find a succinct or consistent definition. A way to assess if a team (or even an entire organisation) was or wasn’t safe.

Safety, seemed both essential (but I was at that point, not entirely sure why), and enigmatic; resistant of formal definition.

So, I started out on a journey. By early the following year, I had interviewed over 30 people, in over 60 hours audio. And this, is a distillation of those conversations, to get to the heart of what safety is and why it’s critical (although often lacking) to the success of our teams and organisations.

Contributors to this season

Lisa Crispin
Troy Magennis
Tim Ottinger
Ryan Ripley
Phelim McDermott
Mark Dalgarno
Mark C. Crowley
Linda Rising
Joshua Kerievsky
Johanna Rothman
Esther Derby
Doc Norton
Carina C. Zona
Arlo Belshee
Amitai Schleier

In Search of Safety: Retrospective

3 weeks ago with we started our journey with our first episode “In Search of Safety”. Shortly after each episode is released we will bring together some contributors for a discussion inspired by the issues raised.

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In Search of Safety

A journey to define safety; we intersect story telling, interviews and in-depth research, taking us on a journey through abusive environments to improvisational theatre. Learning about safety, engagement and what happens when they don’t exist.

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