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Lisa Crispin

Agile Tester and Donkey Fan, co-author of Agile Testing and More Agile Testing.

Lisa is a tester who enjoys sharing her experiences and learning from others. Lisa is a tester on a fabulous agile team. She specializes in showing testers and agile teams how testers can add value and how to guide development with business-facing tests. Her mission is to bring agile joy to the software testing world and testing joy to the agile development world. In 2012 at the Agile Testing Days conference she was voted by her peers as the Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person

Since 1982, Lisa has worked as a programmer, analyst, technical support engineer, tester, and QA director with various organizations, including a university, large and small software companies, successful web startups, consulting firms and financial services companies. Her experience includes developing business and retail applications, back-end processes, software tools, travel industry software, and financial applications.

Lisa currently does testing and customer support on the Tracker Team at Pivotal Labs. If you’re a Tracker user and you send an email to support, she might answer you!

Lisa joined her first agile team in 2000. From 2003 – 2012, she was a tester on an amazingly high-performing Scrum/XP team at ePlan Services, Inc. She frequently leads tutorials and workshops on agile testing at conferences in North America and Europe. Lisa regularly contributes articles about agile testing to publications such as Better Software magazine, IEEE Software, and Methods and Tools

Lisa combines her practical experience “in the trenches” with inspiration and new skills gained from workshops and conferences. Her preferred coaching method is working side-by-side with testers and teams to help them understand their problems and find good ways to deliver better business value. She splits her time between writing, speaking, teaching, helping teams, and working with her own team at ePlan Services Inc.


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