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Johanna Rothman

I help managers and leaders do reasonable things that work. Author of Hiring Geeks That Fit, Manage Your Project Portfolio, Manage It!, and more...

Johanna is an internationally respected expert in managing high technology product development. She is known for her frank advice to tough problems in hiring, project and program management, project portfolio management, product ownership, and agile culture/transition issues. Her collaborative approach helps organisations discover the pragmatic approaches that help create successful teams and manage risks.

A prolific author, Johanna has written several books about managing people, projects, and the project portfolio and also writes tons of columns and articles as well as her free email newsletter, the Pragmatic Manager.

Johanna also writes a more personal blog focused on how we adapt to change, both personally and professionally. This is based on her experiences with intralabyrinthine hemorrhage which caused sudden hearing loss and permanent vertigo.

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