In Search of Safety

A journey to define safety; we intersect story telling, interviews and in-depth research, taking us on a journey through abusive environments to improvisational theatre. Learning about safety, engagement and what happens when they don’t exist.

Welcome to The Agile Path Podcast

Here on The Agile Path we create audio documentaries on the issues facing organisations as they move towards more agile ways of working.

Our series are meticulously researched as we attempt to capture the full gamut of views and experiences, from our contributors who are a mix of both world renowned experts and individuals working on teams that are experimenting with new ways of working.

We combine extensive research with imaginative storytelling and innovative sound design to bring you an experience that might just change the way you look at the world.

Comments from listeners.

Avant guard story telling! I loved the excerpts from experts in the Agile community, we got to hear those 5 -20 seconds of pure genius; woven into a story - a tapestry of sound!
David A Koontz

John Le Drew

John has over 17 years of experience working in software engineering as a system administrator, software engineer, technical lead, technical director, development manager and agile coach. He currently runs the consultancy firm Wise Noodles here he helps organisations solve tough technical problems by untangling their people problems. 



Diversity of all kinds is no longer just a moral imperative for organisations, it's essential to compete in a global market.

Diversity is a topic we are passionate about. We will be producing a parallel series of stories looking into all aspects of diversity.

With personal stories from individuals and visits to organisations that have been able to create and support diverse environments we hope this will be a celebration of the full breadth and
power of humanity.